whats the PRO MICRO's timer and PWM out pin number?

I have a PRO MICRO, that used a atmega32u4, few questions about:

  1. which timer's PWM output at which pin?

  2. there are only 5 pins in total pwm compatible, if timer one can not be used cause of the conflict with library virtual wire, only 3 pins left, it is not enough to control two motor drivers, how to do ?

  3. any other replacement similar board?

  4. is the StandbyMode useful?


1 Google "pro micro pinout" and select your board to find out what pins are PWM and what timer they use and/or use the 32u4 datasheet.

2 What type of motors?

3 Needs point 2 answering first

4 StandbyMode?

  1. A motor driver will usually have a direction pin and a PWM pin. If you only have 3 PWM pins left and enough general-purpose pins then you can drive 3 motors.

  2. The Micro is one of the best Arduinos in my opinion. The next step up is the Teensy 3.2

  3. For the motors?