Whats The Problem in my code ? please help me

Error compiling for board Uno/Genuino Uno

In file included from C:\Users\Slimane\AppData\Roaming\cc.mblock.3.3.1\Local Store\scratchTemp\project_S___Ba_a_c_6_3\project_S___Ba_a_c_6_3.ino:6:0:

C:\Program Files (x86)\mBlock\Arduino\libraries\makeblock\src/MeAuriga.h:77:18: error: ‘A10’ was not declared in this scope

{ 16, 17 }, { A10, A15 }, { A9, A14 }, { A8, A13 }, { A7, A12 }


If only you had read read this before posting a programming question and followed the advice about how to post a programming question we may have been able to help.

Post the entire program that gives the error or a smaller but complete program that shows the problem.
Post the complete error message(s)
Post links to any libraries being used.

What Arduino do you have?
What Board is selected in your settings?

This should answer your question.

A Uno only has A0 to A5

Genuino Uno / MeAuriga.h:7

MeAuriga has arduinomega .
MeMbot has Genuino Uno .