what's this SOPA garbage

what's with the nasty banner across the top of the page ]:D nicely masks all the search message, etc buttons not to mention mark read, new topic, etc

SOPA - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act

Agree that it covers a number of buttons :( but fortunately some of them can be found at the bottom of the overview. :)

The SOPA banner is not garbage it is very important to get this stopped, have you tried Wikipedia today?

However, the banner has a sort of invisible boarder round it that prevents mouse clicks from registering close to it. For example in the reply box I can't click the link or image icons and the top right hand corner of the box is a no go. I can get round it bu using the cursor keys and typing in the appropriate square brackets.

Likewise you can't click on the first three topics on a page unless they have long titles and the banner effect is removed at the ends. I have taken to sneaking up on posts by clicking on a later one and using the "previous post icon"

Bit of a bother but it's only for today and it is a worthwhile cause.

hmm might have been a good idea to at least make it a clickable link so we can see what it's all about hard to see what anyone outside the US can do about it though?

hard to see what anyone outside the US can do about it though?

How to Buy a U.S. Politician...

All perfectly legal. Even for a U.K. citizen.

hard to see what anyone outside the US can do about it though?

Well you can click here:- http://www.avaaz.org/en/save_the_internet_signing_d/?fdTOWbb&pv=182

Meanwhile how the heck do I see "unread posts" ? Why does it have to disable the only link I use on the forum?


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. (and no testing in this case) Or perhaps it's in solidarity with Wikipedia's protest.

Still can't see the relevance outside the US so why are we involved? Are we to get involved with political issues in every country? Now that's a good path NOT to go down

This link will get you into the replies section: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?action=unreadreplies and this one into personal messages: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?action=pm

Evidently, people on the forum do not understand the importance of stopping these very destructive and censoring pieces of CRAP. Also realize, if it gets passed in the US, other countries may follow. Personally, I like the banner. Everything to raise awareness.

I don’t mind the banner, just don’t kill features to do it.

Thanks for the link ajofscott, I clicked on it and got 1 new post and it’s been 12 hours since I read the forum. My the traffic has dropped off :slight_smile:


What browser are you using? For me, everything looks and works as expected under Firefox.

mmcp42: Still can't see the relevance outside the US so why are we involved?

One simple example ... Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. operates several root DNS servers around the world including in the U.S. Which means they (like many root server operators) fall under the jurisdiction of U.S. law. SOPA / PIPA would give the executive branch of the U.S. government the ability to shutdown any "foreign" website at the root DNS level. In other words, the U.S. Attorney General could potentially cut off a U.K. website by compelling Internet Systems Consortium to remove or poison DNS records.

The law has no provisions for remediation. Once a site is removed, even if the removal was a mistake, the only recourse is to hope the Attorney General sees reason or to sue the U.S. government.

Normally Safari 5.0.5, but I tried these

FF 3.0.19 Chrome 16.0.192 IE 8 Opera 9.64

And get the same result.


But even with no DNS, it would still be accessible by IP address.

Ok, I guess I will give up my unread posts button for the cause. However I do wish I could both demand my rights as well as demand my unread posts button at the same time. Why must I choose, are they somehow related?

Having hung around this forum for around three years now, one aspect I really enjoyed about my time here was how little political issues was posted and discussed here. I recently started participating in a Ham Radio forum and it seems that nearly half the post are dealing with political issues with all the partisan back and forth BS that usually ends up with. Hoping this is a one time or very seldom issue that the arduino web master(s) feels needing member participation in.


Graynomad: Normally Safari 5.0.5, but I tried these

How very odd. The black band just arrived.

retrolefty: Why must I choose, are they somehow related?

That thing is obnoxious. While we wait for it to go away... http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?action=unreadreplies http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?action=unread

just a tip, I use Chrome, so I can right click on the banner, click “inspect element”, and delete the piece of HTML that’s responsible.

this works for other websites that show overlaid pop-ups as well,