what's up with all these lcd displays?

everything is like so tiny and the bigger ones i seen use a shield..

i just want a simple display to show text on a bigger screen.. like say 4", 5" or 7" screen.. no mpu or shield or any of that to be required..

i need something bigger than 4 lines of text to be shown.. so a 20x4 is useless.. i need something i can display like 8 or 10 lines of text

hell, even 6 or 7 lines of text would do. and i don't mean on a 1.8" screen - to me those have no use at all

something like this, but bigger.. like 8 or more lines of text.. simple hookup

Hmmm, on a graphics display with 128x64 pixel, you get 16x8 chars with a 8x8 font. Such displays are available until around 3".
The EA DOGXL240-7 has 240x128 pixel and 3,9" and i guess this is one of the largest monochrome display available. Of course there are TFT displays, but handling these displays is more complicated.

Once you found a display, ensure you have a lib or at least code examples for it.


The beauty of the Arduino is:

  1. Ready made libraries
  2. Ready made shields.

If you really want a 10cm display, TFT seems the obvious choice. They come in all sizes. The libraries are simple to use and you just select the biggest font that suits you.

There are even TFT displays with an onboard microcontroller to handle high level graphics commands. These use I2C or SPI and are quite snappy because they do the work. If you try controlling an unintelligent display by I2C it is very slow.

Yes, you can hand wire anything to the Arduino. Make sure that you obey any voltage limits. e.g. 3.3V electronics with 5V Arduino needs level-shifting.


Do some searching, those screen sizes are all available ranging from about 30-bucks to 70-bucks. The biggest problem you will encounter with larger OLED screens is going to be memory for Fonts. They eat up huge chunks just defining each Font.

Depending what use you have in mind, you may be better off with a RaspPi as it does not suffer those limitations to the same degree. The Arduino, while a brilliant range of micro-processors is not the answer for all systems. :slight_smile:

What are you trying to do? It may be possible to use two 20x4 displays.

What are you trying to do? It may be possible to use two 20x4 displays.

i won't say exactly.. would look really odd/bad having (2) - 20x4 displays but i will say the display will work with a keypad.. basically i want options to appear and using the keypad to select via number.. ie:

Select Options:
1 - yada
2 - yada
3 - yada
4 - yada
5 - yada
6 - yada ----------could stop here, but i think 8 lines would be better
7 - yada
8 - yada