What's wrong with my arduino board?

Hello, I’m writing to ask about a problem with my board.

I’ve been using my arduino uno + ethernet shield for about 2 months.
It seemed to be okay but it suddenly doesn’t work.

As is shown in the picture, whenever I connect the two cables from breadboard to 5v pin and gnd pin, the light on the board fades out. Uploading to the board failed as well. The light comes up again when I do not use the pins together. However, I need both of them.

How can I fix this problem? What is wrong with my board?

It appears the power demand may be more than the supply can handle. What are you powering on the breadboard?

On the breadboard there are a tilt sensor, an ultrasensor and a servomotor.
I could control all 3 of them at the same time, but now the uno board itself doesn't work.
Is it overloaded?

Are you powering the servo with the 5v pin from the Arduino? That may draw too much power.

Yes I am, and I think the uno board may surely be overloaded then.

Thanks for letting me know.
Then how can I control the servo? Do I need extra battery or something?

If the servo runs on 6V:
Here is a 5V unit:

Google Wall Wart

Thanks for the link Larry, I'll get one asap