what's wrong?


I’ve got a litlle problem with my Arduino NG.
Something went wrong, don’t know what.

When I connect my arduino via usb and try to upload a sketch, I hit reset and the pin 13 led light blinks very fast a couple of times and then the TX an RX leds lite up.
after that I get the following message:

Atmel AVR ATmega8 is found.
Uploading: flash
Firmware Version: 1.18
Firmware Version: 1.18
Programmer is not responding

Then if I hit the reset button again nothing happens at all and I only get the “Programmer is not responding.” message.

I realy have no clue on what steps to take to find out what’s wrong, so all help is welcome.


Check the troubleshooting guide. What operating system are you on? Have you installed new software recently? What did you have connected to the board?