What's your Job?

This is just a plain and simply thread - what is your real life occupation? I find it rather interestering to think what people might use the various Arduinos.

Well, to start with me - i am a Paleootany student.

Game-programming student
Guitarist in a tech/prog metal band.
Freelance website artist/coder.

Network admin and computer geek in general
Bassist in a thrash metal band
Mountain biker

Software engineer specialising in real-time and embedded systems.

Web developer/programmer.
Currently resting due to long term illness.
Playing with Arduino to keep my brain working when Im able to concentrate enough.

Web Developer / Programmer

Someone made me a manager recently, so no I don’t get to play in the code so much at work. Arduino is a nice technical hobby that is different enough from work that I can stay sane.

HS Math Teacher

Director of SW development - at a retail SW co.
Prior, a PL1 programmer under the CPM OS.
Interested in electronics from birth.

Currently unemployed IT manager! Damn financial downturn!

Arduino is keeping my brain ticking whilst I search for a job though…

Retired, playing with toys and my grand daughter is now my job :wink:


Project Manager for a glazing contractor.

Network Engineer.
Build networks for customers of large Telco.

  • ex server/network admin
  • ex physicist ( labs were moved to new city without me :frowning: )
  • now teaching undergrad labs + trying to finish with writing my PhD thesis - finally…

Software engineer specializing in networking.

Telecommunications Technician and Architect.

My job:- Writing all kinds of C++ programs (for the moment: cryptography, and user interfaces for the Mac)

  • Fixing all kinds of C/C++/Python bugs
  • I love writing flexible frameworks, and the corresponding Python/Ruby/Lua interfaces
    I have absolutely no experience in electronics, and found that the Arduino board was a great way to get started in both electronics, and embedded software.

I wish I was a real artist, and not one of the TAOCP*-kind.

* The art of Computer Programming

pc repair shop owner. and im only 18 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

mountain computer solutions, in asheville nc.
im actually posting from there. lots of computers to fix but they’re all in loading bars so i get to sit back and get paid to browse the net. for now atleast. :slight_smile:

IT Janitor

Firmware engineer, telecom/storage industry