whats your twitter name?

okay, not everyone loves twitter, but those who use it, thats your twitter handle?
would like to get more arduino ppl in my stream


mine is ‘Nachtwind’ - but i only recently started Twitter while being on a field trip over the last week (hence no stupid questions from me since April 1st ,0))…

Mines lostfruit but not much going on there at the moment! Certainly no Arduino related stuff… yet!


Mah twtt z0n3!!!

Is Twitter actually worth the time? All reviews I’v heard here in England say it’s not worth the effort!


I’ve found it fairly interesting so far (only just started playing with it) I haven’t tweeted much of any interest to anyone but seen some interesting things from the people I’m following.

The thing that got me to join up was “watching” (reading?) the tweets on the G20 protests from the people on the street, I found it pretty cool to be able to match it up with the live TV coverage.

http://twitter.com/steeltoad But I’m really kinda boring.

It’s BetaDelta.

Also my forum Screen Name. Changed it up! :slight_smile:


I have a couple of names

http://twitter.com/Photosbykev for wildlife photography and
http://twitter.com/fish_cam for my interactive fish tank @ http://www.photosbykev.com/fishcam/

but it is boring and has nothing to do with Arduino I guess


I created a twibe for the arduino twitter types. Come on over and join in the conversation via twitter.