Wheel Capacitive Sensor

Hi all. I'm working on a project and need to integrate a capacitive RGB color wheel to control an LED strip. I found this on adafruit: https://www.adafruit.com/products/1005

However, I would like to do this in a custom way i.e. need to integrate it with a bigger glass rather than the predefined 'square'. I've been considering purchasing one of those an disassembling it, hoping somehow I can modify and integrate it with my system. Any easier/more straight forward ways to achieve this? was initially looking into creating my own capacitive sensors using capsense but after I found this, seems exactly what I need except in a different form.

One step better than the capSense library are special chips. Search at Adafruit for 'capacitive'. They have maybe three different chips for that. Then you have to control the leds with an Arduino.

The "Touch Wheel Controller" might be optimized and tuned for that small square block. I don't know if it can be set for larger surfaces.

I did come across these but the issue is how well it performs if I add a glass on top of the copper plates added to the adafruit sensors to achieve something like similar.

Perhaps no one knows. Test it.