Wheel Starting Early

I’m working on a school project right now where we have to build a line following robot using an Arduino uno, and h-bridge and a gearbox. When we run basic code on our car to just make the wheels spin, one of the wheels starts before the other one and runs for about 2 second before the other one kicks in. W have checked the code, the gearbox, changed the wires and we are pretty sure the wiring is correct. We used this as our wiring source http://hardwarefun.com/tutorials/creating-robots-using-arduino-h-bridge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you swapped things around to try identify if the problem "belongs" to one side of the h-bridge or either of the motors or one part of the code?

Is this related to your other post about the veering?- presumably when one side fires up early, it shoots off to the other side.

Which problem do you want help on?


Is this the same robot and have you fixed your problem...

Tom... :slight_smile:

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