Wheels4Water Project : Do Support 🙏

Hello guys. Vishal Vats, this side. I am a college student studying Computer Science currently. Recently I got to know about Arduino and other cool microcontrollers and the power of electronics to change this world.

As the first step in diving into this vast ocean of electronics, I have made a project named Wheels4Water: Let's Paddle Away From the Water Management Issues. It is a modern water management system that does the water management from the initial source ie dam to water home's tanks.

I know there is still a lot of scope for improvement in the project, but as of now, I would like to introduce the first finalized prototype. Do have a look at it.

Final documentation is here. Do have a look at it. In there, I have incorporated every minor and major detail regarding the project.

It is my first electronics project, so I have submitted it in various competitions also. I have submitted it for Circuit Digest India Automation Challenge 2021. If you guys can spare 2 minutes from your busy schedule then it would be of great help to me.

The circuit digest's project link is here. One can easily vote by doing a couple of clicks.

I am attaching a video demonstrating how to vote. Here it is:
Processing: Voting steps.mp4.... It is a 30-second video telling how to vote.

Basically, you first have to log in onto the platform and then head over to the Submissions section and then just find my project Wheels4 Water (which will be at the top) and then just click on the :+1: button

It is that simple to cast the vote. Do vote, I have made this project with a lot of hard work. Will feel great if people will recognize it

If you find that this project is good enough, then do vote for me here.

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