WheelWatcher Coding

I found some example code for the wheel watcher, but there's like, a lot of different codes, which one would I use for the Arduino?


Probably the closest is the one for the ATMEGA which is written in C.


But really, it's unlikely to work or even compile. You may have to learn to program.

Oh - and we only use the plural for things that come in discrete quantities: one apple, two apples. For stuff that isn't really divisible into individual bits, we don't use the plural: some water, 5 litres of air, six pages of code.

which one would I use for the Arduino?

The one that does what you want.

Hi, WheelWatcher? ? ? ? This may help.


It looks like most of the work has been done on the PCB, the output signals are clock and direction. The quadrature decoding has been done.

Tom... :)