when can i get the ETHERNET board???

hello, i'm very excited with the ethernet board!!!! but, I would like to be able one to test it!!!! :D Can you explain me how it's works?? TCP stack, comunication, etc... it send osc messages? how is the programing? is it possible to buy some units from tinker.it or another????

thanks a lot,


I'd be interested in knowing more too. What chip is used? Will the TCP/UPD stack be available separately if we want to implement Ethernet externally?

I'm thinking of either implementing ethernet myself using either Microchip's ENC28j60 (see this example) or using the IgorUPD method. Anyone here tried these with the arduino?

yes, the board use this chip... see the photos,



Neat!! ;D

Any idea when the code will be released? is it available through versioning (svn)?