When I turn on a mini water pump which work 3.3 to 5V. It generates noise

I want to erase noise each time that I turn on my water pump through a relay. I set up a diode between relay and mini water pump. But so I don’t get erase noise.

I get rare characters on my lcd or get stuck my circuit if I turn on mini water pump

Put the diode [u]across[/u] the pump terminals with the cathode (end with stripe) toward + (toward the relay) and the anode (plain end) toward the battery - (negative).

How are you powering the pump, and how much current does it draw. The Arduino cannot provide much current. It is recommended that you use a separate power supply for the pump, and possibly the relay board as well.

If you mean 'electrical' noise then connect a capacitor directly across the pump terminals. Say 100nF

I have tried antiparallel diode and a capacitor 100 uf in parallel but I still go on with noise in my circuit

My relay is this:

relay 2 channels

on the output of the relay I add two capacitors 100 uf between VCC and GND and I still get noise

My water pump is:

water pump

Your diode is in the wrong place, as pointed out in reply #1. If you have changed it, please provide an updated schematic. If you want to bring joy enough to bring tears to our eyes, provide a real schematic instead of a Fritzing.

100microfarad is about 1000 times too large as a noise suppressor due to its relatively high ESR. You should use something like a 100nanofarad unit.

Can I suggest you read the following article https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J15/9

Can I also suggest you read this:- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Tutorial/De-coupling.html