When my relay module is working mouse device closing?

Hi all friends..

Can you help me ?

I am using relay module 2- channel - i used this card Screenshot by Lightshot

My problem is so weird i could not understand :confused:

I used like this system. Screenshot by Lightshot

I supported my relay module with external power and I did not feed the card with computer power, when relay module is runing(when opening usually) My mouse or keyboard device closing

This situation doesn't happen all the time, once in a while

I'm sure all the links are correct, What is problem? i never understand. because..
My arduino system has no connection with the computer, it works independently.
Thank you for support

I suppose it is something related to EM disturbance. Does it still do the same thing in another place, far from your computer?

No. it only happens when the relay card is turned on. Also there is a distance of at least 40 cm.

What can i do for this

Because of the "random" nature of the issue you may want to try using a shielded cable and also ensure that the breadboard PSU has adequate current apart from voltage.

These sorts of issue may also happen if you have a large inductive load on the same mains power circuit such as a fridge, air conditioner, washing machine etc.

In which case you may need to plug in somewhere else to avoid that mains surge/spike.

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