When will there be more Arduino Starter kits?

Hi there, can anyone estimate when there will be more kits available? The kit would be the optimal christmas-gift I think :)

I want to buy it for christmas too. Hope it got back soon.

I'm waiting it too for Christmas, it will be there some units?

Some pieces available now on Arduino store

har777: Is it available in India ?

RS Components sells in India. Otherwise have a look on Arduino distributors page and you'll find many distributors.

Any idea if there will be more kits available on the arduino store, so I can get them before christmas?

:sleeping: hoping to pick up a starter kit soon, guessing these things are selling out quick, anyone know how much UK postage is per chance?


You got to keep watching, I ordered one in the weekend (saturday i guess) but they sold out quickly again. Don't know about the UK, but shipping to Belgium was €15 (that's about £12).

Falx: You got to keep watching, I ordered one in the weekend (saturday i guess) but they sold out quickly again. Don't know about the UK, but shipping to Belgium was €15 (that's about £12).

Ok will do, thanks for the reply.


They just came back into stock this morning! Get one while they last! I know I did :grin:

After having RS components move the back order ship date on my order from 8 December, to 18 to 27 to 31, then to 18 January and finally 31 January, I decided to source another supplier.

Mouser have kits in stock. I ordered Wednesday morning and it was shipped from the States and I received it in the UK Friday morning. P&P included for orders over £50, the price from mouser: £76.10 inc VAT - cheaper than on the Arduino store.

I hope that helps!


Thanks, andrewjackson. I just ordered a kit and added a LED to make it free for shipment. Can't wait to get my hands dirty~~

Does anyone know if http://uk.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=K000007virtualkey99990000virtualkey782-K000007 is exactly the same kit as http://store.arduino.cc/ww/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=185 ?

Also, when will this be in stock again: http://store.arduino.cc/ww/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=185 ?

Just so you know, Mouser electronics has 6 right now.

Adafruit in New York claims to have 49 kits ( as well as their own kit) https://www.adafruit.com/products/1078

Does anyone else know who has the official starter kit in stock?

I never had any starter kits, I always go to the local electronic market and buy parts.

Is this kit the best way to start if i have noooo idea about this amazing world of electronics that i did not know that existed ?? Or is there a bettter kit to start with ?? i want to learn as much as i can as soon as possible to do crazy stuff !! so any help on where to start would be awesome, im only asking this cause there is sooooooo much info about arduinos and ways to start learning that i dont know wich way to go.


There are many types of Arduino starter kits, but the Official Arduino Starter Kit is definitely a very good place to start. The kit is very well put together and includes an excellent instruction book. It is highly recommended. The problem would be where to buy it from and if they have it in stock.

Any ideas why the backorder dates from the suppliers are changed so much and the arduino kit comes later and later? Does arduino have a small production line or anything? I know its a populair product but this makes no sence....