When your done?

Hi i was just wondering, when you have completed a project with the arduino and you have it permenantly focussed on a task, do you then just use it in your final project or take it out and build your own circuit to save money, and just throw in a new ATmega168 with your own power system? just wondering what the generally accepted practice is? and does it save money? what are the advantages/ disadvantages?

Hm, as i have only done this one time it’s no general way to go for me, but the one i would do again ;0)
After finishing a small breadboard prototype i added all needed components to a prototype board (Europlatine?) and soldered it into place adding a 168 with the needed power stuff as well as wiring. All in all it didnt cost me more than 10Eur to get a ‘self soldered’ arduino into the project (even with a mount for a serial cable, so ‘firmware’ upgrading would be possible)

Can you give me some info on what to do for the “power bits” or steer me in the right direction? thanks!


that sghould be the perfect start for you then :0)

Easy enough to do. I’ve done this before using that same tutorial. Develop your project on the Arduino (or Freeduino) then pop the chip out and put it into your custom PCB. All you need for the chip to get it to work is a crystal or oscillator and a regulated 5v supply.