Whenever i use my esp8266 wifi module my home wifi link gets disconnected even i

I am using a esp-8266 module to create a Rf-id based attendance system. Actually I need to connect the module to the internet via my home WiFi modem to send the attendance data to a webpage. Whenever I turn on the module.. my home WiFi signal gets disconnected even if the module is not connected to it. Currently I am using my phone as AP. Even now the home router's link is disconnecting. What is the problem here? and how to solve it?

huh.. that is a d link modem (which gives Ethernet output and WiFi connectivity) to which my pc is connected. When I turn on the esp module(in this case when I power it from an Arduino board) the modem is still on and internet through the Ethernet of the modem is still working but only the WiFi SIGNAL IS LOST. Does that mean anything to you? I have no idea of what the error could be and tried updating the firmware (updated to v1.3.0.2_AT_Firmware) of esp and it didn't work. So i rolled back the firmware. Currently it is running on v0.9.2.2_AT_Firmware. That is the story

So why the added complication of using your phone as an Access Point? I don't understand what it is you are actually trying to achieve. Let's do this step-by-step...

  1. Your home wifi (let's pretend it has an SSID of HOME) is running.

  2. Your phone is not part of this equation at all. Unless you can tell us why it is essential.

  3. You turn on the ESP8266 (let's assume as a server) and tell it (via code) to connect to HOME with password PASSWORD.

  4. The ESP8266 module now searches for the SSID and connects.

  5. The server now sits there waiting for YOU to connect via a browser to the IP address it gave you as part of its connection process to your HOME wifi.

If you can get this working then we can perhaps analyse what else is going on! It doesn't matter whether you are creating a server or client either, just get the thing working first then modify later.

As an afterthought you're not creating a new network using the ESP8266 (probably on the default channel 11) are you that would totally swamp your home network?

Anyway, as luck would have it, I've just release a new video all about the ESP8266 with all the above steps so if you're in the mood please do go and watch video #33 and see whether you have any success. It doesn't matter for this which flavour of ESP8266 you have, a standalone board or the module, they behave pretty much the same.

URL is in the footer of this video.