Where Am I Headed

I want to use the toDegrees() function, but it seems to not work on arduino, so is there any solutions or other functions I can use? Maybe a library?


Thank you in advance.

Feel free to provide any code, and your definition of "work"

It arduino compiler reacts to it as a function I write. Error:

 error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token

Please re-read #1

  LON2 = LON;
  LAT2 = LAT;
   OslopeX = interX2[1][1] - interX1[1][1]  ;
   OslopeY = interY2[1][1] - interY1[1][1]  ;
   Oslope = OslopeY / OslopeX  ;
   Cslope = LON1 - LON2 / LAT - LAT2;

So this is a slope of two line sand I want to know the heading of each line to know where they intersect.

I give up.

Bakr, post your full code not just the section you think is not working.

Since it is not even as assignment, what did you want to do with the value?

#DEFINE TO_DEGREES(rad)  (rad * 180.0/3.14159)

I see what you're up to in this line, but it won't work. Division has precedence over subtraction. You need parentheses.

   Cslope = LON1 - LON2 / LAT - LAT2;