Where are drivers for New kernel

Hello. I have an arduino uno.

Please refer image in the following link.

I downloaded CH341SER_LINUX.ZIP from

and unzip it.

readme.txt said
Current Driver support versions of linux kernel range from 2.6.25 to 3.13.x

Where are drivers for new kernel?

My OS is Debian 9.5.

My understanding is the drivers are already installed on Linux. Using Raspbian, my CH340 works fine and I've never installed any driver.


I was not aware that Arduino started using the CH340 chip on their boards!!

Clearly it's a "clone" (though the term used loosly, as the real/faithful clone Uno's 16u2 can be reprogrammed for other USB tasks, though the 16u2 is also much more prone to failure) - since the marketing material for these boards frequently calls them Uno, and you select Uno as the board to upload to them, we shouldn't give people snarky replies like that when they are confused as to what is an Uno, and just tell them.

As others have said, CH340G drivers are built into most recent versions of Linux, so no driver should be needed.