Where are interrupt file for timers on the chip

I have the UNO, And i was looking for the library file that set up the timer and the interrupt for the UNO.
I need to change them to my liking..
Can some please tell me where the timer setup are including the interrupts for the timers.


Note that by default only timer0 is set up to generate an interrupt (for use by millis() and associated functions.)

Thanks alot just wondering

interrupt function(parameters )

that the syntax for this chip..

Or is it ISR

What do you write in front the function to tell it to be a interrupt.
beside setting interrupt and stuff on the chip and timers..

  // ISR function.

That's actually a macro around a bunch of standard-like stuff for non-standard parts of a C implementation (attribute stuff). More than you ever wanted to know: ??avr-libc: <avr/interrupt.h>: Interrupts

Ok thanks....
Also just wondering could these libraries be used together as in will they have conflicts on the timers they are using just wondering?

timerone library (Arduino Playground - Timer1)

newsoftserial library (NewSoftSerial | Arduiniana)

also i actually don't want to use timerone library i want to use servo.h library. But i need to put a flag in one the interrupts that it makes so i can call a function ever 2 seconds.
I notice the timerone library allows this but i also have to do more programming with it to set my servo.

So will i be able to use the libraries together..