Where are the autosaved drafts?

No, I am not going to complain about painfull slow loading times (in the range of minutes now), not about crashed sessions and not about the absence of any notifications weeks after an major update.

Please just tell me, where I probably find a autosaved draft of a long posting I wrote today.
The site just got auto reloaded before I could save the post to clipboard...

Thanks for hints,


You can get at it through your profile.
Click on your name on this post and it will take you through to it. It is an option on the left hand side.
HOWEVER, for all the seemingly auto saves it makes only a very few of these are actually recoverable this way. Don't know why.

Thanks Mike, I found the option.

Unfortunately my lost post was not in there. Why am I not surprised?

Ok, so from now on writing only in an external editor until this forum is trustable again.