Where are the boards made?

As I saw someplace on this site, the boards are made in Ivera, It? Is this true? The reason I ask is that during the 80’s I worked for Olivetti, and had the pleasure of visiting Ivera numerous times. My best freind and his wife lived in Ivera (and also worked for Olivetti) for 2 years.



Yes that’s true

They are made in the ivrea area. the PCB are manufactured in Strambino which is just outside ivrea and assembled in scarmagno (and other places near ivrea) where olivetti used to have one of its main factories

here you see some pictures of the PCB factory http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbanzi/sets/72157594447916035/

olivetti is no more… like most of the places that do R&D in italy…

We try to make something for reasonably cheap and the quality that you get in italy