Where are the bridge examples stored on OSX

I am new to Arduino and just received my Arduino Yun, which I plan to use for a greenhouse project. Seems like a very nice board for this purpose.

I have experimented with the TemperatureWebPanel sketch, and have that working OK. Now I want to make some modifications to it for testing some other things (e.g. OneWire sensors). I am trying to find the folder on OSX which contains the TemperatureWebPanel example, so that I can get hold of the zepto.js and basic web page files.

I can find the general examples in the app package, but the bridge examples are not there. Can someone point me to where I might find them?

Thanks in advance, Bjarne

IIRC, your should show "package contents" or something, then it's hardware/libraries/Bridge/examples

You are right it is there, I just did not dig deep enough :)

It is at Resources/Java/libraries/Bridge/examples