Where can i find some gear's axis?

Hello, i'm new to this community and i'm working on a little project that requires the use of gears.
I got some gears but I can't manage to find any axis to buy on the internet could you give me a hand ?
Here are the gears kit i'm working with : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B082FK3H8W/ref=ox_sc_act_image_2?smid=A1OBSG9BA9AU5&psc=1#customerReviews

Thanks in advance for all your replies .
Have a nice day !

You don't say what size(s) ( diameter, length) you need but I suggest that you look in hobby stores for piano wire that fit the bore size(s) of your parts.

Ebay showed over 70,000 hits for "metal rods". Change your searching for what you are actually looking for. Also need to define the material you want to use.
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Hi, @ougabouga
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What you are looking for are "axles" or "rods" which might fair better in a Google sort.

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