Where can I find the lib or dll files for Arduino?

I would like to develop a library for use with my sketch. Ideally, I can link 'Arduino.h' as an external library in my IDE (CLion or Visual Studio C++) for code completion and builds. Any idea where I can find the .dll or .lib files associated with Arduino?

Hi @pmcconico,
Welcome to the forum! There are different Arduino.h files for different cores. For example, my Arduino.h file for my Attiny core is found here: kgray/Library/Arduino/packages/ATTinyCore/hardware/avr/1.3.3/cores/tinymodern/Arduino.h

Thanks @kgray9.
Looks like this is the Git repo for my core (ATMega328p for Arduino Uno): MiniCore/avr/cores/MCUdude_corefiles at master · MCUdude/MiniCore · GitHub.

To find the source code on my CPU I had to change ownership of the directory where Windows Store Apps are installed. Not sure there is a .dll or .lib file but I can include the directory where source files are found.

Thanks again.

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