Where can I find the TCA ISRs?


in which file of the IDE can I find where the TCA ISRs are used?
I would like to look up what is being done in ISR.


forget the question. :slight_smile: Had wondered why the IDE uses the TCA ISR even though the PWM pins use the WOn because I was getting redefinition errors. But that's because I had all TCA ISRs in the code for testing and 4 of them point to the same vector. The mystery is solved. That's why I couldn't find the ISRs in the IDE files, because simply not used. :slight_smile:

  // TCA0 interrupt vectors //
  #define TCA0_LUNF_vect    _VECTOR(7)  
  #define TCA0_OVF_vect     _VECTOR(7) 
  #define TCA0_HUNF_vect    _VECTOR(8)  
  #define TCA0_CMP0_vect    _VECTOR(9)   
  #define TCA0_LCMP0_vect   _VECTOR(9)  
  #define TCA0_CMP1_vect    _VECTOR(10) 
  #define TCA0_LCMP1_vect   _VECTOR(10)  
  #define TCA0_CMP2_vect    _VECTOR(11) 
  #define TCA0_LCMP2_vect   _VECTOR(11)

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