Where can I find the updated compass libraries for the Duinopeak robot

I recently puchased the Duinopeak robot. As some components (e.g. compass uses HCM5883L) differ from the original Arduino robot I apparently need to update my libraries. However, the links on the duinopeak website are dead.

Where can I find these libraries?

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Hi Jose and Chris,
as Chris's question referred to Duinopeak, not to the original Arduino Robot, I understand from your reply that your suggestion about the latest version of the library also applies to Duinopeak, am I correct?
I've just found Duinopeak here:

and at that price it looks interesting, but I am really worried as both the original and this clone seem out of production and support. Would it be intelligent to buy a retired robot...? Any news about it?

In the meantime I have found that the Duinopeak site does work, even if some links are broken and it replies really slowly.
Here are the relevant links:


http://duinopeak.com/wiki/images/2/2d/Library.zip library
http://duinopeak.com/wiki/images/a/ad/ArduinoRobot_SdContent.zip sd content

There is a contact page:
and the email to write to is

I've asked for information on the robot status (is it still produced? any support?)
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Hello gdenunzio,

I have tried all the coments in those links and it don't work correctly. There is mistakes in SD read becouse the library is negleted. If there are problems with sd no view picture in display and no audio in the speakers. The compass with this library don't work, problems with some sketches. I tried alternative code but I do not have anything yet....I think duinopeak company not interested about...

Best regards
José Lorenzo