where can i find tutorial how to connect temperature sensor to tft screen !

Hello. I'm new to all this and for me its hard to find tutorials where everything is explained so i'm wondering is there some good website with tutorials..
But my question is how can i connect sensor to arduino so it displays temperature on tft screen !

1: Connect the TFT screen and learn how to display information on it.
2: Determine what pins are left unused by the TFT screen
3: Connect a temperature sensor to one of the unused pins (or to a shared bus like I2C)
4: Learn how to read temperatures from your sensor.
5: Read the temperature and display it on your TFT using the techniques learned in Step 1.

It might be simpler to first understand how to pass information from the sensor to the serial monitor. This is usually accomplished by using a worked example included in the library appropriate to the sensor.

Getting the data onto any display in general is a similar exercise. A TFT screen may bring its own particular issues but it isn't that different in principle and the source is the same.

You can Google up a wealth of information. I found Hacktronics had the most useful temperature tutorials.