Where can i found this IC

Hello everyone, i need to replace this IC named 026c1 but i can’t found anything with that name. Its in my camera board, you can check in the image submitted.
Thanks you

Why do you think it is an IC and not diodes in a 6 pin package? Or two transistors in a 6 pin package?


Google says the device is probably an LED driver (see here) and the offered alternative of AP3128AE3036ES6 datasheet shows the external components to be a capacitor, inductor & zener diode and they happen to be in close proximity on image 2.

If OP didn't have put that fat, white ring around the component it would have been so much easier to see how it was connected.

Anyhow, the connection between pin 4 and 6 tells me that this is probably a switchmode step-down converter. It converts the battery voltage to a lower voltage for the main chip.

// Per.