Where can I get "Declaration of Conformity" of Arduino UNO

We are going to export our product to a country in EU.
We use Arduino UNO in the product.
We are required “Declaration of Conformity” of Arduino UNO.

Where/How can I download/get that.

Any information is helpful.


From the person\company who supplied you with the UNO.

I found a URL of Arduino - Declarations

But all links are invalid.

Nice find!

I checked all the links on that page and the only two that didn't work were the FCC declarations for the MKR FOX 1200 and Yún Rev.2.

Since you're looking for the Uno declaration, that shouldn't be a problem for you.

Note that these are links to download .pdf files, though you might have your browser configured to display PDF.

So give it a try again and then let me know if it worked or not.

I accessed Arduino - Declarations and push "UNO".
My browser(firefox) says nothing but CE_UNO.pdf is my download folder.

Such a site!!.

Thank you pert.


I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

My Firefox does the same. The only indication I get that a download is in place is that there is a green download progress indicator in the Windows taskbar item for the Firefox window. I think it was initially set to just display the PDF in the browser via my chosen PDF reader application but then I configured it to just download .pdf files because I often want to save them for later reference.

If you have a UNO thats specifically from Arduino, then those certificates might apply, if you bought the UNO direct from Ardduino, then you can be relativly sure.

If you bought the UNO from someone else, then you have no real confidence that the UNO is geniune.

If your UNO is not a geniune Arduino product, then their certificate of conformity cannot apply to your UNO.

Thus, if you want to be sure, the easy solution is to ask who sold you the UNO for the certificate of conformity. If its a geniune supplier they should have no hesitation or problem supplying you with the certificate.