Where can I get expert advice on a 4G mobile broadband problem?

I need advice on how to solve a problem with my 4G wireless broadband connection. The signal is strong but the connection is intermittent, often refusing to connect for hours, or connecting only to randomly disconnect a few seconds or minutes later.

But where can I get advice on this matter, from experts or expert users? Is there a forum of similar quality to the Arduino forum for these matters?

Attached is a screen shot from my Dovado 4GR router, showing the signal data. The signal seems like a strong level, but the strange thing is that it also reads that same signal level even at times when I cannot get a connection!



Who's your carrier? You might be able to find someone local to do some side-by-side tests since you have your location information next to your name. My problem is more obvious. There is a big hole in coverage area and I'm in the middle of that hole. Keep driving until you get on college campus.

You might try whirlpool. It's an Australian forum setup to search for the best deal from ISP. It has grown way beyond that, and it seems there are experts in almost every field.


Thanks for the responses liudr and krazeyncrusty,

My carrier is EE. They tell me that I am in or on the edge of a hole in their coverage. But their coverage maps are never very accurate. At my last address, I was also on the edge of a coverage hole according to their maps. The signal was weaker but the connection was reliable. At my new address, the signal is stronger but unreliable. This makes no sense to me.

I will have a look at whirlpool. My quest to understand this can't be unique to the UK.


What's your mobile phone signal like when placed next to the modem, I presume it will also use 3G?

is it possible to try a directional antenna of some sort?

There’s the remote possibility that you may be at the edge of where 2 “cells” meet, and it is switching between 2 towers constantly, and creating an issue.

Stupid question - have you tried orienting the device in a different direction? Tilting it on one side?

See if you can look up a tower map or such, and see i you are roughly between 2 towers.

Best of British!

This is why I have no faith in wireless everything. IMO, if you can run a wire, you should run a wire. RF is extremely finicky. Not to mention, it's a broadcast medium. Imagine trying to convince a LAN administrator to dump his switches and go back to using hubs. Ugh.

In terms of troubleshooting, you probably won't have much at your disposal. You don't usually get useful diagnostic tools in the consumer equipment class. If the ISP has field techs with signal analyzers, that's what you need. It might not be a signal strength issue so much as possibly interference, saturation (back to it being a broadcast medium...), or even problems upstream of the cell site. You would never be able to see those things.

Failing that, fiddling with the position of your modem (or external antenna) is your best bet. See if your trouble correlate with time of day (weekends, or everyone getting home from work in the evening, for e.g.) If the latter, there's probably nothing you can do. The sky's full.