Where can I get machine pin headers?

I've been using machine pin headers on my Arduino Pro Minis, specifically the ones Sparkfun sells here: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=117

Problem is, I cannot find these anywhere else for a reasonable price! I need a whole mess of them, and I've noticed you can get the other headers for half price or less elsewhere, but I've searched all over Digikey and Mouser and the only machine pins I've been able to find were on Digikey on some very expensive IC sockets.

I've tried regular headers but when I use those the Arduino sits absurdly high above the socket. The machine pin headers are almost perfect aside from sticking out the top a little more than I'd like.

Any suggestions were I could find these cheaper or some alternative method of sticking the Pro Mini in an IC socket?

I forgot to mention, I have found some on Digikey, made by Mill Max, but the prices on those, like their IC sockets, are insane. $8 for just 64 pins, compared to $3 for 40 on Sparkfun.

Machined Pins sockets or headers are never inexpensive. They are Better than the "punched" process types... but you have to pay for what makes them better.

I got the female ones from sparkfun and OMG they are not worth it, the holes are too tight or something, you can barley get round wire go go in them, and the pressure required they often start to bend (in a long section) or cumple over (in sets of of a few)

now I know some of you are saying at this point "oh boy here he goes again on sparkfun" BUT! on the other end of the spectrum, the ones we were using at my company are just the opposite! too loose, and we were buying them direct from the manufacture, 2 shakes upside down and the pins are half out of the socket


so while I am sure you can get machine headers of perfect fit and form, its akin to becoming a great wine connoisseur, to me its not worth the added expense to experiment (and all wine is about the same to me, 1 glass and i get a nights worth of heartburn)

I solder male/male machine pins into the Arduino and then stick it into a standard IC socket (not one designed for machine pins) or into a breadboard. I've had no issues with this setup, though if one should arise I guess I'd just solder the Arduinos directly to the board with the machine pins.

Try BG Micro. http://www.bgmicro.com/


I got a really good deal on ebay a year or so ago. I'm 90% sure it was from Sure Electronics. There was the usual 2-3 week shipping time, but it was well worth the wait: they're good quality, and extremely cheap.

I got 12pcs x 40pin single row male, for $3.75 + free shipping http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320539213897&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT and 5pcs x 40pin single row female, for $ 2.99 + free shipping You can buy up to 200pcs/bag for 14.99 + 6.99 postage, which is a fine price. Sureelectronic at ebay has also 50pcs male+25 female for about $12 + free shipping. There is also gold plated round pin header which are better quality and also more expensive then the others.

Did you take a look at this (http://dipmicro.com/store/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=478)? It seems to be a reasonable price to me. I just bought lots of headers from them and the qualities are very good in my opinion.