Where can I purchase ATtiny45 or 85 chips online or locally?

Presumably, RadioShack does not carry them? Anyone have any good sources through which I can purchase about 3-5 of them for about $25?


I use DigiKey.com and I'm sure Mouser has them too.

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For local where are you? I can tell you were to buy some locally today, if you are in Dallas, Texas.

Mouser has good prices on them, but their shipping can be kind of high for very small orders relative the cost of the actual parts: http://www.mouser.com/ http://www.mouser.com/Semiconductors/MCU-MPU-DSP-DSC-SoC-Processors/Microcontrollers-MCU/_/N-6hpeg?P=1z0z63x&Keyword=attiny85&FS=True Looks like the 10mhz versions are down to 62 cents.

For other basic items, these guys have lots of low cost parts you can order in very low volume with very low shipping costs: http://www.taydaelectronics.com/ Great source for basic things like, resistors, caps, diodes, leds, transistors, shift registers (20 cent 595's) temperature sensors like DS18B20 or LM35. $10-$15 dollars goes a long ways there. They also have a few micro-controllers but not great pricing on them. But sometimes their shipping rate can make up for it. When I've used them, shipping from them varies from 1-2 weeks.

--- bill

I buy mine from RS or Farnell.

Fantastic, thanks everyone!

DipMicro.com. - Though I have had a problem because Paypal doesn't want to use my card, and I don't particularly care for Paypal...

I have had no problems with paypal, using it to pay for e-bay purchases and cards from iteadstudio.