Where can I purchase good joysticks?

Where can I purchase GOOD joysticks. I know I can buy the ones that are in the game controllers but they seem flemsy and not very precise. The ones that are in radio control transmitters seem to be much better. I would like to find out where to buy them. guess I could tear apart a control and get the joysticks but one would think I could buy a set from some supplier.

Any ideas?

Try Digikey


Use the Unit Price column, sort low to high, find one that fits your budget or form factor.

Banggood also.....

Thanks all. These are some great links. I think I can find what I want here.
I don't know why I did not find these. Perhaps I did not know what to ask for.

I've used these before and they feel awesome.


Steevy, Do these have a trim adjustment?

The Aurora 9's don't have a trim adjust built in, although either adding a trim pot or just programming in a center adjustment to the Arduino shouldn't be too hard.

Steevy, Agreed. I had planned on putting a couple of buttons to programmatically adjust the trim.

Looking through other suggestions on here, those FrSky x9 Hall Effect ones might be even better than the Auroras I suggested, but I haven't had a chance to play with them. They don't appear to have built in trimming either.

What is the Hall effect for. Is this for a switch? I thought the joystick just had wipers on the X and Y pots.