Where can you buy ftdi chips.

I blew my ftdi chip on my freeduino. It is the 232p one. Where can i get a new one.

Many people sell FTDI chips, including mouser and digikey, parralax, and Sparkfun. Of the lot of them, sparkfun is likely the cheapest.

Virtually all modern Arduino/Freeduino projects use the FT232RL chip, but if you can point us to the exact freeduino variant, I'm sure someone can confirm.

Actually, it's worth asking how you blew the FT232 chip, or why you believe it's blown.

I noticed after I posted this that I needed a FT232RL chip not a FT232p chip. :-[

It was blown because i held the freeduino to the board with metal screws and the screws where making a short. Also there are heat marks on the board and chip, it was not recognized by the computer, and couldn't be programed. :(