Where did Daniel go?

I have been wondering this for some time now. He was quite a busy poster here if I remember correctly. Today I ran into one of his posts and it said that he is an ex member... :cry:

hi jds,
i'm wondering as well, but didn't dare to tell that i'm missing a person on an internet forum :slight_smile:
i can imagine different reasons (for myself) to unsubscribe from a forum, so i think we'll just have to live with it. i just hope there were no hard feelings involved.


I just took a little break to let others run up their posting count!

I'll be back soon with some good stuff.


Hope you had a nice break Daniel! Good to see you back!

shouldn't it be daniel0002?

welcome back! :slight_smile:

yes in Daniel0002 there will be no interrupts :slight_smile:

Glad to have you back!

I found out that Daniel is really a cybernetic organism. After his graduation from Ohio State University, he was hit by a semi, and basically his whole body had to be replaced by a room-sized support mechanism.

He's really a very lively persona though, and very cute, for an aging male geek, with a robot body.

He had to take some time out to get his software and hardware tuned up, but watch out, he's got a new OS and a new MO.

I've seen all this on Skype so I'm in a position to know.


ok if you're just somebody who bought an Arduino and has no idea how to take Paul's sense of humor, then you need to know that we went to the same graduate school, separated by ten years or so. I actually read his master's thesis one day in the library, totally by mistake! We've never met, but ffrom what I can gather he is likely a US senator or rock star hiding behind the veil of an artist.

Anyway I think humour is a good idea, the forum could do with more humour, perhaps the occasional joke. Paul, are you up for being the official jokemaster? What's that called? Maybe we could appoint you the humoiur adjudicator- or the Arduino team leader for humourous issues? In the spirit of Freeduino, I dub you "official humourist of the Arudino forum". That was easy.



PS: and yes that is how we spell humour.

You can tell the Canadians eh? They're the ones explaining the jokes!


be nice, it will be very cold in New Hampshire if we turn the valve on the oil pipeline from Alberta the wrong way. .. not to mention the maple syrup supply.


PS: Paul suggested that this is in the wrong section- that it should instead be in the "infrequently asked questions" part of the forum, proving yet again that he is the official humour master of the Arudino forum.

You both are funny!