Where do I find SmartPrj CAD library

Hello --

I was looking at the circuit diagrams and board layouts for the Arduino 2009 and 'Offical Ethernet Shield' and am looking for the 'SmartPrj' library (which defines, amongst other things, the FT232 and w5100 chips). This is the Eagle CAD library file which defines the chips and their physical layout for the schematic and board.

It doesn't appear to be in the files for the hardware, nor is it a standard Eagle file.


Could someone direct me to it?

Many thanks, Jonathan.

In theory you don’t need the library to modify the circuit, since there is a full copy moved into the .sch file.
There is an EAGLE “ULP” that will export all the parts from a particular .SCH into a .LBR (exp-project-lbr.ulp)

Thanks westfw for that useful tip, but I was actually hoping to work from identical source files. Regards, Jonathan.

running the ULP pointed out by westfw will make you work exactly with the same devices present in the project, so I would say "identical source files"

Thank you Cerocca for the comment. Let me reiterate: I'm looking for the ORIGINAL library file, and my question is simply where do I find it? Thanks again.

For what I know no official smartprj (or arduino) eagle library has been never released. Maybe someone else has seen/found it?