Where do I publish tutorials?


I just finished the prototype of a wireless sensing system for the home (temperature and humidity; the basic stuff). The system is based on Atmel micro-controllers. However, I did not use Arduinos since I was looking for something more basic. I did draw heavily on the information provided by the Arduino project and I would think that most of my experience and can be applied directly to Arduinos. I realize that there must be hundreds of tutorials for similar setups around already, but I figure that it can't hurt to put more information out there.

Anyways, the actual question is: Where do I publish my tutorials? From what I have seen so far, the two preferred options seem to be:

  1. On a personal blog.
  2. On instructables.com.

Are there any other options you think I should consider?

Thanks in advance.


How about in the playground here.

Thanks for the suggestion Mike. I'll look into that.


Or in the forum on the Exhibition / Gallery board http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?board=29.0

Are there any other options you think I should consider?

I’d be happy to publish tutorials on the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI HERE:


You can post it in a magical website called YouTube this is where all the happy unicorns live :slight_smile:

Publish where YOU are in control and not the ownership of the site.

I asked myself that exact same question a few years ago, and for better or worse, I decided to go with a free Wordpress blog. It is an exceedingly easy platform to work with, but the formatting options are quite limited unless you go for a paid subscription.

Instructables is a brilliant site, but it has such a dramatic range of traffic, and such a large number of tutorials it's really hard to know how many people would see your work. Some tutorials get nothing, while some go past 100K, and that probably depends on whether you are doing something that is currently a hot topic.

The only real data I can provide is from our project site:

More than 95% of that traffic is to the tutorial-style pages,

and the most popular is the
Arduino UNO Datalogger for Complete Beginners page
which had ~24 thousand page views in 2017

Older tutorials, like the one on the DS3231 RTC
and the one describing our work with the MS5803 pressure sensor

have settled down to a reasonably stable 10 thousand page views, per year, per post, and that seems to be the typical pattern.

By comparison, the Serial Plotter Tool with an UNO DAQ tutorial I put on Hackster.io only sees about 2500 views per year.

I participate regularly in several forums, but that produces very little referral traffic to the blog. > 90% of the traffic comes from direct Google searches, and ~6% of the overall traffic comes from Pinterest. I have put significant amounts of time into other platforms like The Cave Pearl Project | Hackaday.io and our content was copied out to other sites like wevolver, but the cumulative referral traffic from sites like that is essentially zero. Many of those content hosting sites are silos that successfully lock-in their viewers.

How much any of this applies to your work depends on whether your work is general, or niche. The loggers we work on are a tiny little corner of the larger Arduino ecosystem, and I suspect that tutorials on more popular topics like self balancing robots would get much more traffic.

Anyway, I hope that helps you with your decision!

I guess it depends what you want. Do you want to get paid to sell it to someone else? Or do you want to own it? I published 4 articles on allaboutcircuits.com in 2016. At the time, for projects, they were paying $200 per article. I think now it is $250 per article. Of course you need to have about 1500 words and other criteria. It must also be approved first. And then once it does get approved and you write it up, it must be reviewed by their technical staff.

It was cool and nice side money but now I rather make my own tutorials on my own website and have them as big or as small as I see fit.

Hey h4h0,

On top of all the valuable suggestions already been made, I can also recommend our Project Hub: Arduino Project Hub. This is our official Arduino platform for projects sharing.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to get started with Arduino Project Hub:

As a contributor you can access competitions, and win monthly prizes thanks to projects you post.

The platform is fully integrated with Create and our online editor (web IDE), for a smooth user experience!

I hope this helps and good luck with your projects!

It is possible that you have not decided yet and still confused. Because I have been at the same spot a few years ago.

If you can write well then I will suggest you make a blog and share all your knowledge over there. Because people love to leave informative stuff.

In case, you do know how to make good videos, then I will suggest you Youtube. Make videos on youtube and share it on your website or blog too.

There is a new social site Instagram (Not new for someone though) Make short videos and share it on Instagram in IGTV. People now days prefer videos to learn rather than an article.

I hope it helps.

It would be better sharing your tutorial on your personal website.

You could also post on this site

Depends on what your goal is. If you want to build up someone else's brand, post your tutorials on their platform.

If you want to build your own brand, buy a domain name and throw up a WordPress blog and then link to that from other people's platforms. Wix.com is also a good option for building out a basic web-site to start your brand from.

You could also use a simple host like GoDaddy and learn some basic HTML and put together a static web-site and go from there.

What is your end goal?

It's probably better to have a lot of content ready to go before deciding how to host it. Generally people put up their content on their own platform and then distribute bits of it to other platforms to direct people back to the rest of their content.

It's not really a question of "which" but "how many?"