Where do I put the AVR libraries?

I apologize if this has been gone over before, but I’ve spent half an hour searching Google to find an answer and haven’t come up with one. When I try to compile an example sketch using the <avr / interrupt.h> library, I get a no such file or directory error. I’m just wondering what files I need to download and what folders I need to put them for the Arduino environment to include them during the compile?

interrupt.h should have been installed along with all the other low level files when you installed the arduino distribution, in my machine its : hardware\tools\avr\avr\include\avr\interrupt.h

I'm using the 0013 environment in xubuntu linux - the only files in the "tools" folder are the avrdude executable and a configuration file. I'll try adding the AVR folder manually.

No luck, trying to download the AVR-libc libraries and put them into the tools directory doesn't work; the environment still can't find the files. It looks like the avr/interrupt, avr/io etc. aren't in any of the Linux arduino environment releases, at least anywhere I can find them :'(

I am running on windows so can't help, Perhaps someone using interrupt.h with Linux will comment

Hi, I guess all you have to do is to install the ubuntu packages "avr-gcc" and "avr-libc" (and a java-runtime)

This is about everything what is needed on kubuntu.

Maybe some more hints are in the Linux section of the playground http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/DevelopmentTools Eberhard

No luck. Both avr-libc and avr-gcc are installed and up to date. I'm guessing the arduino environment is looking for the libraries in some path and that xubuntu has stuck them somewhere else. Maybe I'll try uninstalling everything and reinstalling in a different order. :-/

Hi, avr-gcc and the other binaries from the package are expeced to be available on your your normal PATH environment.

That is : If you open a konsole and simply type "avr-gcc" you should be able to run the tool. Same should be true for the other bins starting with avr-xxx.

Kubuntu puts all the files for the avr-libc into /usr/avr


I've reinstalled the libraries and the Arduino environment, and everything seems to be working fine now. Not sure exactly what was wrong, but I'll just chalk it up to Linux weirdness. Thanks for your help, everyone.