Where do you buy Max485 chip uk/europe?

I want to bu a Max485 chip for DMX with arduino. Is this the same as the RS485?
I cant find on google where to buy this chip.
Ideally i would like to by one from uk but europe is fine.

What do you type to google to find these?

Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


normally you can sign up on the Maxim/Dallas site as a developer and then get free samples. You could also call the local distributor and ask them to send you a couple.


Thanks for the response.

I have registered for access to samples, but which max485 chip to request?

MAX4850ETE+ ? or
MAX4851ETE ? or
MAX4851HETE ? or
MAX4853ETE or etc.

There are so many when isearch for “max485”

which is the best or most suitable?


yes it is true there are a lot of confusing package styles and versions. Usually only a few of the many versions are available for sampling. Choose the one that you can work with-- there will generally be a surface mount version and a regular through-hole version.

Are you sure you want the MAX4851 etc that you list above? That is a different chip than the 485.
Here’s a list of the 485 available packages. PDIP means plastic dip, and SOIC is a surface mount package.

The MAX485CPA+ is probably what you want for through-hole. the EPA+ has a higher temp range and they usually won’t let you sample these, as they are industrial grade and more expensive.


Thanks Daniel for the swift replies. Greatly Appreciated.

I have requested a couple of MAX485CPA+.
The process was very smooth however I have to waiting a day to see if i have actually been approved by the Maxxim lot.

I should have made the following clear in my first posts:

  • I am a newbee and i have little/no experience in electronics
  • My plan of action was to follow the dmx512 resources on the playground section of arduino.cc

Anyway thanks again and I’ll hopefully be having some MAXMSP controlled DMX laser action soon!

If Maxim no-gos the free samples you can obtain small quantities of a lot of ic’s through a company called futurelec.

They distribute world wide and ship to europe from London. I’ve just placed my first order from them and the jury is out on how they are as a supplier–but it might be an option for you.

Also I believe that Maxim will sell small quantites of chips directly if they don’t provide the free samples.

Thanks for the replies.
I thought I would say I have received a couple of sample “MAX485 CPA” chips from the nice people at Maxim :slight_smile:


there are is also a cheaper version of the max485 available, if you don’t get the free examples :wink:
you should have a look for the(SN) 75176 CHIP , you can find this one at allmost every local elektronic shop or for example at

search for: Artikel-Nr.: 152828 - 62


search for: sn75176


search for: sn75176


search for: sn75176

good luke with your project,
ha det bra

There is also http://www.rswww.com
I bought the SN75176 from them - something like £3 for 10!