Where does IDE 2 gets the compilation instruction?

Hi, Arduino 1.8.13 and alike gets its compilation instruction from the file ~/arduino-1.8.13/hardware/arduino/avr/platform.txt. The IDE 2.0 has changed this path and it has installed (without any warning) the Arduino tool-chain in ~/.arduino15/; that's ok.

However, any change I do in ~/.arduino15/packages/arduino/hardware/avr/1.8.3 /platform.txt has no effect; I even erased the whole content in this file and nothing happened. That means IDE 2.0 is getting the compilation instruction from somewhere else.

Can you point me out where the compilation instruction comes from? Yes, for obscure reasons (KleOS, FreeRTOS for Arduino) I need to tune some parameters in order to make both tools work together in this new IDE that looks promising.

Thank you!

BTW: It's possible (but not easy) to debug (with GDB, along the AVR Dragon debugger board) the ATMEGA328 chip. It would be also nice that you point me out where the stuff for debugging is. I guess I can make it work.

It seems the IDE 2.0 reads the platform.txt file just once when it starts. So I had tried all the aforementioned changes WITHOUT restarting the IDE, that's way it didn't see any change.

Solution: Restart the IDE after every change in such file.

Thank you!

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