Where does the Ard hide const char data?

Howdy, Folks,

I'm nearing completion of my first Arduino program. Actually, save for some tuning, testing (and more testing!) and a bit of debugging, it's complete. Programming the Arduino has been a delightful experience, and a real pleasant surprise!

The program is fairly large. At the moment, it compiles to 13306 bytes. In the program, I'm using well over 400 characters of data, mostly strings for the LCD user interface, organized as const char data. I also have some byte arrays, declared as const byte.

I'm wondering where the compiler stores this data. My compiled program size doesn't grow as I add strings, so I'm wondering if the compliler is sticking it in EEPROM? If so, that's a concern, too, since I use a lot of EEPROM. If the strings are up there, I need to start watching the usage, lest the strings and my operational data start butting heads.

I'd appreciate any info.

Many thanks,