Where i can find Code for Max30100, mlx90614 and bmp280 which display on oled

i need help to find proper code for these sensor
im making health band which will display all the reading come from these sensor and sent to mobile app or SQL database also it can displayed on OLED screen aswell
if any one can suggest me a code for it
that would be great
if that help you guyx to suggest me
need Help

I have found basic code for these sensor but i need to run them all at once i dont know how to merge them in one file to run also need oled display code not serial monitor code

Project Diagram.jpg

Most important! Do all the various codes you have found actually work with the devices you have? Individually, not all together as you are planning to do.


I would suggest you test each piece of code with all the hardware connected. Be sure all the grounds are connected. Then get one of the arduino cook books, it will help you understand what you are trying to do. This is not a weekend project. Try this link: Arduino programming for beginners
This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you.
Good Luck & Have Fun!