Where I can see who make electronics housing?

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I just want no ask if where i can see who makes customized housing for my project.I don't know if this kind of topic is okay here. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for the answer.Much appreciated.

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who makes customized housing for my project.

Look in Products and Services.

I'd suggest looking for a "precision sheet metal shop". (Assuming you want "bent metal", with punched holes & optional welding, etc.). Generally, you'd provide them with a drawing showing all of the details & dimensions (AKA a "blueprint"). One of the sheet metal fabricators my employer in Silicon Valley uses is [u]Perfection Metal Products[/u].

A "regular" sheet metal shop might specialize in heating & ventilation and they might not be able to give you the accuracy you need. If there is silkscreening and/or painting the sheet metal shop can usually sub-contract that stuff. You'd have to provide the master artwork for any silkscreening.

Usually, this kind thing is too expensive for a hobbyist or for prototype quantities. You are going to pay for a few hours of skilled labor. In the pro/commercial world, it can pay-off as you buy a few-hundred boxes at a time and the per-unit cost comes down. I'd guess it would cost $500 - $1000 USD for an average-size box where I live, and for that price I could probably get 1 box or 10 boxes... or maybe 25. It would a few-hundred more for painting and silkscreening. (That would include any one-time set-up or machine-programming costs.)

For hobbyists & prototyping, usually we but a per-made box ([u]example[/u], [u]example[/u]) and drill it as needed. Rub-on lettering is a good substitute for silkscreening.

Or, you can compromise and buy a pre-made box and then find a sheet metal or machine shop to modify it for you. Often, this is done in low-quantity manufacturing.

Sometimes you go just the opposite: you look for a standard off the shelf enclosure and design your PCB around its limitations.

Check out polycase if you want many of their standard designs or even custom designs. Custom designs only makes sense if you just have to have that look/dimension and are looking at medium production or more. If you just need 10 of something, go with their standard designs. They also customize cutouts but only larger number of products would be sensible.