Where is a step-by-step guide to place a tested project in the playground?

this summer I started with Arduino. I use an Arduino Mega 2560 and the original Arduino Ethernet Shield.
It gave me some good time playing with an LCD display and different sensors. I appreciate the fund of solutions around Arduino.
The Ethernet library contains an simple server example. But with the meta tag for the browser to repeat the request
every 5 seconds, I got sooner or later unprintable signs in the browser including repetitions of older messages.
Being a retired software professional, I developed my own Server library. It requires no more than the SPI library,
as it talks directly to the WIZnet W5100.
My Ethernet Server library requires significantly less space than the Ethernet library.
For the moment, only strings can be sent (may be sufficient for http). These strings are accumulated in the W5100's buffer
before they are sent in one block over the line. This is why the communication is relatively fast. Tests with several hundred
requests have been successful.
To give something back for the Arduino bundle I got, I would be ready to put my Server in the playground.
But I give up.
The process of developing a library is explained step-by-step, thanks so far.
But trying to find out how to create the documentation and how to fill a "get Code" button guides me invariably to the
PmWiki pages that have no regards for the Arduino Playground environment.
I do not want to create my own homepage. But I did not find out how to put my library into Arduino's download area.
Now I am not ready to spend weeks just to learn how to make my code public. Maybe nobody is interested, so why?

The pages at the lower left here are not what you are after?


I've only corrected basic mistakes here & there.

Also note the formatting suggestions:



thank you for the replies.
As there might be some interest, I have created a test page in the SandBox:

If you have suggestions for a better name, please tell me.

But that is not the real problem. I created the page just to show you that I got some basic understanding as given in the pages you referred to.
To be honest, I copied as much as possible from the Arduino Time library page.
I created my library according to the Arduino documentation (.cpp, .h, keywords.txt, example directory).
The page of the Arduino Time library contains an entry
->[[Arduino Playground - HomePage | The download]] includes example ...
But this Code directory is not accessible to me.
I just do not know where to place my library.
As the Server.cpp file has a size of 32 KB, I cannot imagine that the code of all the files should be included in the page so that a user would have to copy all the files out of the page and reorganize them to recreate the library.
I understood that a source without the "-getcode" option is shown with a "GetCode" button. And then PmWiki tells something about a filename parameter, but I have absolutely no idea where I should place such a file.
As I wrote yesterday, I do not have a homepage and I do not want one.

Flor, This is an important contribution and you should not have to stand on your head to get it made available.

As an additional resource, not replacing Playground, I would like to also host this on the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI at

It gets over 2000 hits a day from Arduino users and may well be an effective way to help users.

I'll handle any formatting problems if you'd throw me what you have....

Regards, Terry King ...In The Woods In Vermont terry@yourduino.com