where is all the primo documentation and help ??

i have bought a primo and a primo core. but there is hardly any help and docs on this product.

i first bought a primo core only to find out you need a primo board to program the core.

then once i bought the board. i found out i need a special cable.( which I can not seem to buy)

so i am trying to program the primo board and getting errors Error: No Valid JTAG Interface Configured.

this board seems like it can be very good for various projects but there really isn't much help and support on it. not even any youtube videos. well, there is one but it can't understand the guy. he's not English

so as anyone got any good resources for the primo board.
and whats the cable i use to program the core

Arduino retired the board and it would seem that means no support past a certain date. They do have Examples you can load into your IDE, but they are weakly documented and some don't work (at least for iPhones). I shy away from the Wifi part because there is little security protection, but I have used the IR and BLE examples to send data to the 2 Nordic apps: nRF Connection and nRF Toolbox.

I will go into more detail if I see you are still interested (since this is an old post).