Where is currently the waterproof Seeeduino Stalker v2 enclosure available

I had prototyped an outdoor bee monitoring device with the Seeeduino Stalker. This is an Arduino clone with onboard RTC, SD, solar charger ... In addition to this board you can get the waterproof Seeeduino Stalker v2 enclosure with a clear top for solar cell operation.

Seeeduino Stalker v2 enclosure

This box is for a longer time out of stock at Seeed and all reseller I checked - but till now not official discontinued! I fear it will be discontinued because there is an follow-up model v3 available, but the new version is a kind "preserving jar", should not be fully waterproof - as I have heard - and is not usable for me.

Because prototyping is finished and bees beginning to fly out in Europe I will not wait too long to start monitoring the hives.

Does someone know an other resource for this case, I searched some stores but did not find anything in stock?? Perhaps you know an other ID / product name to search for?

It looks remarkably like this box on eBay with the same dimensions of 100 x 68 x 50.

Many thanks!! The seller in your link does not ship to Germany, but it doesn’t matter. You find a lot items with the magic words:
“Waterproof Clear Cover Enclosure 100x68x50mm”