Where is IDE 2.0 beta BareMinimum file


Where is IDE 2.0 beta BareMinimum file when intalled by Window 10?

Where are the files on disk?



I have IDE 2.0 in a folder on my desktop and the path is

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That's an unexpected location. The C:/Users/me/AppData/Local/Programs/arduino-ide part is normal and expected for the installer version of the Arduino IDE 2.x, but after that the path should be the same as the path UKHeliBob shared.

My installer version has it here:


A related problem is if you change the file , the IDE open the default Bare-minimum file anyway.....

Yeah, unlike the classic Arduino IDE, which uses the "BareMinimum" sketch, Arduino IDE 2.x's File > New sketch is currently hardcoded:

That's a shame and I hope that it will be changed to allow customisation of the File/New sketch

I currently have my own version of BareMinimum with a blank line at the top ready to insert #includes and variable declarations, Serial.begin(115200) inserted along with while (!Serial) and a Serial.println() in setup() all ready to print something if required

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I added Serial.begin(115200);

and the IDE resuse to start on windows 10

Where exactly did you add it to ?


   case 7:
                    return [4 /*yield*/, util_1.promisify(fs.writeFile)(sketchFile, "void setup() {\n Serial.begin(115200);n\n}\n\nvoid loop() {\n  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:\n\n}\n", { encoding: 'utf8' })];


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The request to make the File > New sketch easily customizable is being tracked by the IDE developers here:

(thanks dougp!)