Where is Make.exe on Arduino 1.6.x ?

Up to Arduino 1.0.6, there used to be a folder in hardware\tools\avr\utils where Make.exe resided.

It seems that starting with IDE version 1.6.0, the "Utils" folder has been removed. What gives?

Is there a proper replacement for the Utils - and specially Make.exe - for Arduino 1.6.x other than copy the Utils folder from 1.0.6 ?

I'm using Arduino V1.6.5 and just searched my whole hard drive. There's no Arduino V1.6.x -related "make.exe" anywhere.
I have one for Dev-Cpp, one for AVR Studio, one for my (antique) Borland compiler and one for Arduino V1.0.6, but no others.

I have a copy of a 1.0.6 Arduino install, with the compiler updated to the one that latest Arduino uses, exactly for this reason /swt

Thank you for the link: that explained it. Basically it was the Arduino developers being little *******.

Like WestfW wrote on that issue, it was extremely convenient. Fortunatly I have been able to use "make" from 1.0.6 with the avr-gcc 4.8.1 compiler.

A slightly unrelated problem is that some Makefiles that work with Toolchain 3.4.5 will not work with Toolchain 3.5.0, because some tools have different flags (like, for example avr-size).

Today I've been trying to compile a firmware for a LCR/Component Tester, based on an Atmega328P, and it compiles fine with avr-gcc 4.8.1 (from Arduino 1.6.7), and Make from Arduino 1.0.6. Any other combination, including the newer Toolchain 3.5.0 (avr-gcc = 4.9.2) will fail to build.

Since I am on Windows 7, I just just used the JUNCTION tool to have the "utils" folder on Arduino-1.6.7\hardware\tools\avr tool, pointing to the one from 1.0.6.

Thank you for your help once more, fellows!

I'd recommend loading Msys and MinGW and you will be much happier.
It will give you a proper development environment, which doesn't exist on Windows.
Then you can have a full unix shell enviroment.
That or use linux instead of having to jump through hoops trying to get command line tools to work on windows.

--- bill

Up to Arduino 1.0.6, there used to be a folder in hardware\tools\avr\utils where Make.exe resided.

Not on my Linux 1.0.6


Not on my Linux 1.0.6


:grinning: :grinning: Too funny....